Federation of Metal Detector & Archeological Clubs, Inc

Idaho State Regulation

Is Metal Detecting allowed:  YES - with permit from the park rangers. 

Excerpt from Park Admin Rules.  For complete listing click HERE

175. Public Behavior

 15. Non-traditional Recreation Activities. Non-traditional  recreational  activities  such  as  model airplane and glider operations, geo-caching, gold panning, drone operation, and metal detecting may be authorized by  the park or program manager if such activities do not interfere with traditional uses of the park and are consistent with preservation of park resources.

Additional rules for Boise:  Click for online permit HERE

Metal detecting is permitted in City of Boise parks and facilities with the procurement of a Boise Parks and Recreation Department Metal Detecting Permit.

A metal detector is defined as an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metal objects nearby. Metal detectors can be useful for finding metal objects hidden within other objects or buried underground. Metal detectors often consist of a handheld unit, with a sensor probe that can be swept over the group.

Metal Detecting Permits cost $11.00 and can be purchased online or over the phone at 208-608-7600.

FMDAC Disclaimer:  FMDAC assumes no responsibility for any person who knowingly or accidentally violates any state park regulation. Although FMDAC will try to keep this information current we cannot anticipate how each regulation will be interpreted by a specific park department, park employee or other government employee. It is the sole responsibility of each individual to know and obey the regulations of the park or area they are visiting and or metal detecting.