Federation of Metal Detector & Archeological Clubs, Inc

FMDAC Members Clubs

To find out if there is an FMDAC club in your area, scroll down and look through the current list of clubs that support the FMDAC and subscribe to the mission statement upon which our organization was founded nearly 30 years ago.  Contact information is provided for each of the clubs.

Connecticut            Winstead                Yankee Territory Coin Shooters                

                                                                                Joe Miga

                                                                                P.O Box 1811, Hartford CT 06144-1811

                                                                                Cell: 860-712-9813

                                                                                Home: 860-436-5328

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Florida                    West Palm              Gold Coast Treasure Club 

                                                                                Laurie Haire

                                                                                7751 SouthHampton Terrace 211, West Palm FL 33321

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Indiana                   Fort Wayne            Miami Valley Coin and Relic Hunters club

                                                                                Kevin Kamphues

                                                                                7208 Sandyridge Place, Fort Wayne, IN, 46835

                                                                                Phone: 260-437-5069

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Maryland                Dundalk                Maryland Free-State Treasure Club

                                                                                Gary Pennington

                                                                                8230 North Boundary Rd, MD 21222

                                                                                Phone: 410-440-2881

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                              Salisbury                Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club

                                                                                Bill Draper

                                                                                5709 Mt. Hermon Church Road, Salisbury, MD 21804

                                                                                Phone: 410-742-7903

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                              Stevensville            Eastern Shore Treasure Club

                                                                                Scott Maclane

                                                                                128 Somerset Road, Stevensville, MD 21666

                                                                                Phone: 410-829-1796

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New Jersey             Voorhees               South Jersey Metal Detecting Club

                                                                                Dan Knight

                                                                                7 Oxford Ct, Voorhees NJ 08043

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New York               Rochester              Genesee Valley Treasure Seekers

                                                                                Fred Ledtke

                                                                                864 Parma Center Rd, Hilton, NY  14468

                                                                                Phone: 585-509-2178

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                              Poughkeepsie        AU Guys

                                                                                Mark Anthony Gimaldi

                                                                                3 Kim Lane, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

                                                                                Phone: 845-554-2243

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                              Hindsdale              Enchanted Mountain Treasure Hunters

                                                                                Mary Deibler

                                                                                Phone: 716-904-0017

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Ohio                      Elyria                      Buckeye Searchers of Northeast Ohio

                                                                                Tamie Kepler

                                                                                128 Somerset Road,  Elyria, OH 44035

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                              Norwich                 Silver Seekers

                                                                                Don Hayes

                                                                                570 Sundale Rd,  Norwich, OH 43767

                                                                                Phone: 740-252-1322

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                              Norwood                Saving History of Greater Cincinnati

                                                                                Rick Horsley, Jr

                                                                                1831 Weyner Avenue,  Norwood, OH 44372

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Pennsylvania           Denver                  Lancaster Research and Recovery Club

                                                                                Ted Baker

                                                                                914 North 6th St, Denver PA 17517

                                                                                Phone: 717-336-4946

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South Carolina        Simpsonville          South Carolina Treasure and Artifact Association

                                                                                Vince Decarlo

                                                                                22 Heather Stone Ct, Simpsonville, SC 29680

                                                                                Phone: 864-382-7657

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                              Summerville           Carolina Coin and Relic Association

                                                                                Art DiFlippo

                                                                                208 Village Stone Circle, Summerville, SC 29486

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Texas                    Gilmer                    Relic Hunters Club of Texas

                                                                                Terry Smith

                                                                                9347 Martin Lane, Gilmer TX 75645

                                                                                Phone: 903-238-3020

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Virginia                New Port News        Hampton Roads Recovery Society

                                                                                Berry Merrill

                                                                                782 Terrace Drive, Newport News VA 23601

                                                                                Phone: 757-595-2757

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Wisconsin             Janesville                Blackhawk Metal Detector Club

                                                                                Jeff Warner

                                                                                3629 Birdsong Lane, Janesville, WI, 53548

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                                    Madison                 Four Lakes Metal Detector Club

                                                                                John Julseth

                                                                                11333 N State Hwy 13, Evansville, WI 53536

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