Gettysburg Wrap-up

Gettysburg Wrapup 

For those of you who missed the gathering in Gettysburg you missed a good one.  The weather cooperated and coins and prizes were plentiful. On top of that the historic setting is beyond words. 

The weekend started off with a hunt on Saturday morning right outside the events center. There were a lot of coins in the field and when I heard some of the totals I was wishing that I would have swinging a detector. Hats off to Central Region Director Don Hayes. 

After the hunt the Civil War Relic show was open for business was open. We had a table set up and talked to a lot of people over the two days. There were so many fantastic relics that it was hard to take them all in. The hall as filled with relics some of which you only see in pictures. I am sure I drooled on more than a few cases. 

In the evening we got together for an informal pizza dinner. We had a couple raffles and gave away some prizes. Everyone seemed to enjoy this laid back atmosphere so we will probably go in this direction in the future. 

Sunday morning saw us back at the hunt field. The table inside was manned (womaned) by Sue Race and Peggy Hayes. Many thanks to them. The two hunts went off practically without a hitch. Well except for the fact that someone (myself) managed to not bury some of the tokens in the second hunt. They got separated from the rest and didn’t make it into my pouch. We handed out a ticket to everyone and drew for the “unclaimed” prizes. 

Here is a list of the prize winners. 

Book Raffle; 

Book – Steven Miller                           Donated by Jack Beth 

2 peso – Laura Owen                            Donated by Ed Burke 

American Digger subscription – Jim Kemp        Donated by American Digger magazine 

Silver Eagle – Gail and Paul Forsay            Donated by Don Hayes 

Silver Round – Cheryl Powell                   Donated by Debbie Buxton   

Garrett AT Pro raffle – Dawn Borosko           Donated by Garrett Electronics and FMDAC 

Minelab Go-Find – Marty Pratt                  Donated by Minelab  

Bounty Hunter Tracker – Debbie Pruitt          Donated by Mark Schuessler 

Whites Pinpointer – Ben Neff                   Donated by Whites Electronics 

Minelab Pinpointer – Lynn Merritt              Donated by Minelab 

First Texas 50% off certificate – Mike Race    Donated by First Texas 

Top 6 prize winners; 

Whites TreasurePro  -  Scott Manahan               Donated by Whites Electronics 

Whites TRX Pinpointer – Robert Brown               Donated by Whites Electronics 

Fisher F44   -     Lynn Howard                     Donated by First Texas                   

19 Silver rounds in wood frame- Wayne Dillman      Donated by Mike and Sue Race 

5 - 1 ounce silver – Art Difilippo                 Hunt fund 

2 peso gold, silver round and half – Lynn Merritt  Hunt fund   

Deb Smikoski for Minelab was at the show supporting a Minelab dealer and came out to make the presentation of the Minelab detector and pinpointer. 

Check out our facebook page and website for photos of the winners. 

In addition to those mentioned above we also received donations from the following; 

Predator Tools 

Western & Eastern Treasures magazine 

Lost Treasure Magazine 

Whitman Publishing 

Andy Blessing 

Toward the end of lunchtime we held an open meeting. Answered a few questions and divulged our newest venture. That being a target recovery certification program. This is in the beginning stages and will be a hands on course. Face to face instruction followed by a test. The test phase will involve having to demonstrate proper recovery techniques in front of the instructor.  This will jump the gap from someone watching or reading about it and actually doing it. This course could come in useful if an area is experiencing problems with bad recovery.  Hopefully we will be able to get this off the ground in the coming year.   

We would like to hear everyone’s feedback on this event. How did you like it? 

Let us know so we can make adjustsments.  I did not hear of anyone getting carried off by ghosts but hopefully there were a few sightings. 

A Big thank you to all who helped with the event and especially to the detector manufacturers and magazines. Without their assistance this would not have been possible. 

Mark Schuessler 

FMDAC President