FMDAC Member Clubs

To find out if there is an FMDAC club in your area, scroll down and look through the current list of clubs that support the FMDAC and subscribe to the mission statement upon which our organization was founded nearly 30 years ago.  Contact information is provided for each of the clubs.

Winstead Yankee Territory Coinshooter’s
Catherine Calzarette
145 Walnut Street, Winstead, CT, 06098

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Wellington Gold Coast Treasure Club Linda Bennett
15615 Enstrom Rd, Wellington FL 33414

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Bloomington McLean Country Nuggettiers Metal Detecting Club
Kathy Meeks 201 Hampton Dr, Bloomington, IL 61704

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Fort Wayne Miami Valley Coin and Relic Hunters Club
ATTN: Steve Vevia
9529 Homespun Court, Fort Wayne, IN, 46804

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Dundalk Maryland Free State Treasure Club
Gary Pennington
8230 North Boundary Rd, Dundalk, MD 21222

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Vorhees South Jersey Metal Detecting Club
Dan Knight
7 Oxford Court. Vorhees, NJ 08043
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Hinsdale Enchanted Mountain Treasure Hunters
ATTN: Mary Diebler
1601 Gile Road, Hinsdale, NY, 14743

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Rochester Genesee Valley Treasure Seekers John Howard
34 Bayberry Lane, Rochester, NY 14616

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Norwich Silver Seekers Don Hayes
570 Sundale Road, Norwich, OH

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Greenville South Carolina Treasure and Artifact Association
Kenny Bracket
Greenville, SC 29609

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Newport News South Carolina Treasure and Artifact Association
Kenny Bracket

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Suffolk Tidewater Coin and Relic Club
Ina Finn
1992 Kings Hwy, Suffolk, VA 23435
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Evansville Four Lakes Metal Detector Club
ATTN: John Julseth
11333 N. State Road 138, Evansville, WI, 53536
(608) 698-6916

Ontario Rainbows End Metal Detecting Association
Brad Fraleigh
1186 Brock Raod rr#4 Dundas, Ontario, Canada L9H 5E4
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